Saturday, August 16, 2008

Transport for London

No Tube access from my place today.

The bus stops were all full of lots of pissed-off confused people, all peering blearily at bus stop signs, clearly not understanding any part of it. Every gundu in the world was trying to take a bus somewhere, me included.

But my bus took fricking hours, happily chugging around London in traffic jams - too many replacement bus services and too many temporary bus passengers!

My combined trip of bus and Tube took 2 hours. -_-"

Lady peeped out just as I snapped, YES YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRAIN FA CRYING OUT LOUD

Lots of delays due to TWO 'person under train' incidents (this basically means some poor soul has been kabished by one of the trains), so chaos everywhere basically. Lots of BO, bleargh.

I did get a nice day out though...

The O2 in the distance

And ended up in a nice Malaysian restaurant to end the day. :)