Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ecce blog quam est fabulae

Voila, je presentez vous 'junkie munkie'

What is your name, and where are you at the moment?
junkie, and I can usually be found in London, England. Although sometimes I'm not. Not in London, that is.

Why 'junkie'?
Because I do not live in moderation. I am therefore a junkie of many sorts, depending on the
saveur du jour. Also junkie rhymes with funkie and munkie, as in funkie junkie munkie donkie.

Wow, your French is good.

What does your slogan thingamajiggie mean?
'Ecce blog quam est fabulae'? As you probably guessed, it's Latin, I got inspiration for a Latin motto from the (mostly pretentious) mottos that UK and US universities use....and the wording? Here.

What is this blog about?
Randomness, mostly - articles or commentaries I think that may be of interest to note down:

1. Current significant events that are happening in my life
2. Random adventures I have in London and beyond
3. Random tales of interest I recall from time to time
4. Happenings back in my place of origin
5. Results of whatever creative burps I have now and then
6. Virals of note
7. Reflections of mugging students and working joes
8. Give me £5.

See my Categories on the left for more info...

What do you want from me?
1. Read my blog.

2. Read it again tomorrow.
3. Repeat step 2 until further notice.
4. Comment on posts and tell me how amazing you think I am.
5. Give me £5.

I'd like your MSN/ICQ/Facebook/Friendster/credit card details/blood sample.
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