Saturday, April 12, 2008

Work at Ernst & Young?

LOL. This is seriously just pure lol.

E&Y - making new employees self-loathing since 1989

How can anyone possibly think that this has any positive effect at all on E&Y employees? Do HR people actually get paid to think this crap up?

Shit, I've just watched it again and I'm still shaking my head. I'd like to meet the guy who looked at the tape and went "Yes people, we're on to a winner". This ain't the Barney era no more, what kind of team-building thing is this?

To my friends in E&Y, no offense ya. You can't expect to have a video like that and not be made fun of - you just have to either laugh or cry. I'm going to want to hear this song the next time we're at a karaoke, you guys hear?

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