Saturday, April 5, 2008

JB is the place to be...

(from an actual office memo involving personal acquaintances, names changed)

Dear Jenny,
Wish to inform you that the outdoor compressor unit of the air-conditioner unit for Jim's office was stolen last week. It was hung ( fixed ) at the rear wall of the office building about approx. 12 feet above ground.
In view of this unfortunate incident, JB will proceed to acquire a new one and for the time being, we will lock the compressor to the holding bracket. Meanwhile we are discussing with Divisions 2 and 3 to design and erect a metal cage - to cage up all the compressors ( like dogs ) at the back of our building. JB has nothing but potholes, ah-longs (edit: translated - loan sharks), muggers, thieves, car-jackers, and rapists.
Please be informed.

Best regards,
Jim Beam
Johor Bahru Branch
Company Sdn Bhd

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