Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Late night taxi ride

Late night tonight for me. Pretty tired, and feeling an onset of something nasty.

I’m on my way home from work as I type this – going home in a cab, typing this out from my laptop. There’s something very interesting and unique about this, typing and looking out the window at the incredible metropolitan life this city has to offer. The cab driver thinks I’m an obsessive workaholic. I can see him peeking at me from his rear-view mirror.

Workaholics. What can you do, times are hard, credits are crunching, CDOs are TKOing. There’s rumours of massive layoffs going across the financial sector that got a lot of people very uneasy very fast. Funny how those that have the most demanding and stressful jobs in the world are also those that are attached to their jobs the most. Compensation, personal satisfaction, sense of pride, the list of justifications go on and on. It’s just weird how people get attached to jobs that once they are out of, they very quickly see that was detrimental to their quality of life anyways. But it’s hard to see it when you’re in it.

Very much like relationships.

In any case I must say for better or for worse, these are exciting times. And this is an exciting place to be in.

Will the cab please hurry the frick up. I want to go and take a nice 3S and get ready to curl in bed. The meter is now 16.00, and I predict will reach 25.00 upon home, which means I'm....64% home. Damned numbers. Still can't stop doing them automatically.

My mozzarella garlic bread, leftovers from my dinner in the office, lies nonchalantly next to me in the cab. Like I said, I felt something nasty oncoming, and thought it wise not to glut on this here tasty morsel at the time. Likewise typing in this bumpy cab, my stomach does not presently feel any love for it (him?). I think I shall toast him for breakfast. That sounded malicious, but I do not care. At this tired state, I feel like being malicious.

22.00. I think we may not reach 25.00.

Feeling queasy. Maybe typing in a car isn't such a good idea.

We're pulling up. I'm losing the will to write in the anticipation of home. Plus I need to put this away and pull out my wallet to pay.

Home. It's 23.20. I will pay for 24.00.

I'm home. Good night.

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