Sunday, April 13, 2008

Batman, son of Superman...?

What's in a name? A lot apparently for this young Singaporean chap. Forget Facebook groups like 'If this group reaches 10,000 members I'm going to name my firstborn Spiderman' - this dude is the real deal.

Here's my IC - I'm legal to drive the Mobile now but dad keeps insisting on flying me

Hahaha. My heart just goes out to him growing up. How's he to introduce himself to a teacher or his friends?


Friend: Hi, I'm Jimbo, what's your name?
Batman: Hi, I'm Batman.
Friend: Yeah? And I'm Superman.
Batman: No, that's dad.
Friend: Whatever. Dick.


Teacher: Now everyone introduce yourself, starting with you, boy.
Batman: Hi, I'm Batman, and I'm...
Teacher: Stop fooling around boy, we have a lot to do today and I'm very tired.
Batman: Huh?
Teacher: Quickly introduce yourself and lets move on.
Batman: Ok, my name is Batman...
Teacher: That's it. I'm calling your parents. What's your dad's name?
Batman: Suparman.
Teacher: That's it. Bruce Wayne's going to the principal.
Batman: Who?


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Seizhin said...

There's only 1 way to introduce himself now, without an IC he's as good as dead.