Friday, April 25, 2008

Rocks your UNDIES OFF

Heard of the expression 'rocks your socks'? Well, Yoei from the KSCB has a version he imposes on everyone with a manic glee - his version is 'rock your undies off'. While one might contemplate the lameness of his particular catchphrase, it got my ppt urges going again.

But how on earth do you illustrate 'rock your undies off'?? The 'undies off' part is obviously easily done. But 'rock'? What the hell is 'rock' in this context anyway? I haven't a clue. Yoei sounded like he didn't either.

junkie: oei yoei, so what is 'rock' la in 'rock your undies'
yoei: rock lor, like pull or take out?

Er, ok. Not helpful Yoei. So I had a long think to myself. How would one 'rock' in such a way that undies would go off?

Would one...

...Use powderful Qi, a la DragonBall?


...'Rock' others using sheer coolness?


...Or act so lame that undies just fall off.

Let's have a vote, guys. Which version of 'rock your undies' would do Yoei justice???


Anonymous said...

ga! when one says rock you undies off it sounds obscene... LOL aww... did you drew those pic for illustration? you are good in that.

junkie said...

Yeah I did draw them...just discovered this medium, quickly becoming a habit :p

Thanks for dropping by!