Thursday, September 18, 2008

How is this Wise?

Most Brits can't cook, everyone knows that.

Ok, maybe apart from Gordon Ramsay and the host of celebrity chefs you can find around London. What I mean is if you yonk any Tom, Dick or Harry off the street, chances are they can't cook to save their life.

I'm not saying my culinary skills are any reason for salutations either, but look what I found while browsing in Marks and Sparks:

Less-than-single-serving, already cooked sealed-in-pack white rice. "Just pop bag in microwave oven and cook for 90 seconds!", proclaims the bag.

I never really understood what was it with the UK and cooking rice. Seriously, is it that hard? I've never seen the equivalent of this for pasta, for example. And pasta is like the staple diet of students across the country. Surely if one can cook pasta, one can also cook rice effectively?

At 79p for cooked rice, that's got to be the best business model ever. How is that a Wise Buy, now I ask you.

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