Friday, June 6, 2008

Funkie foodies

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Ever since making my own pasta, I kind of inadvertently became a pasta snob when it comes to restaurants. I never really enjoyed ordering pasta in restaurants, believing it to be the least worth-your-money option (which is true) as they simply boil some stuff and dump more stuff onto it.

However, I always jump at the chance to savour handmade pasta when I can. Hand-made egg pasta is really really good.

Casacelli ala Moda (on my friend's recommendation) at a local restaurant recently...

Note the Italian flag! Them Italians are always crazy for the flag representations. Spinach and parmesan on the left, ricotta and some meat pasta in the centre, and some kind of ham on the other. How come I don't know? It doesn't say on the menu, and didn't fancy gibbering my crappy Italian at the waiter. Doesn't matter, it's all good.

For dessert, profiteroles.

Nothing exciting here, except that I haven't had profiteroles since I was in Sicily I think ... long time.

Which reminds me of the lunch in Chelsea recently, behold the RM40 roti canai/prata.

To be fair it's like the best prata I've ever tasted. But it's 20 times the normal price.

Even their bandung has to be cheem.



Myst3 said...

spare me a prata pls.

junkie said...

one piece RM10.

mangokiss said...

Fancy Malaysian food for a fancy price!
In conclusion: the book IS judged by its cover.

junkie said...

But it really was good....when you come here I'll bring you there!