Monday, June 2, 2008

A recent purchase

[Mini update]: Flight captain's intercom: "Ladies and gentlemen. I am sorry for the delay in your flight, we are trying to chase a fox off the runway at the moment. . ."

[Mini update 2]: Seriously, buy my item. Please?

I bought something on impulse lately. Say hello to Pinky and Ponky. Pinky being the cat.

Got this when I was waiting for a flight. An old lady of infinite cuteness smiled at me and asked me if they were for my daughter.

-_-" Am I that old-looking?? I smiled and finally mumbled that it's for my baby sister. Nyahahaha.

But these ain't any old stuffed animals. I'll show you.

See? They have a velcro strap on their undersides - if you unfasten them, they become flat, bearskin-rug style!!!

Like so. Aren't they awesome?!


Sue Me said...

i want a bear rug too..i want pinky and ponky!!
daddy!!!i want pinky and ponky!!LOL..
so am i getting them for my bday??LOL..

Wen said...


junkie said...

go buy from airport. haha

£5.99 each ok.

mangokiss said...

*Cough cough* You're sure you're sexless?

The cat on top of the puppy looks..a little out of place. LOL.(sorry, couldn't help it)