Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Junkie reveals self....

...not in a disgusting way, of course.

I've been busier than a one-armed hanger recently.

It's just the holidays coming up, I think there is an institutionalised conspiracy to squeeze every last bit of productivity before grudgingly allowing me to jet off (flying again! bah) to Greece. On holiday.

For one week.


I'm jetting off to Athens for a bit, then flying from there to Atlantis. There I plan to live the life of a bum. For a week anyway - lazing in the sun, riding scooters around, etc etc. A well-deserved break, after God-knows how long. I used to have nearly 6 months of holiday when I was at university, and now it's been reduced to a measly 20+ days a year. No wonder we look forward to whatever meager bank holidays we have with the eagerness and glee of a 40-year-old virgin scheduling his first time. Note that I say 'he'. Somehow 40-year-old virgins are always hes. Like Solomon Whatzisface as told by Sheylara.

But anyway I digress. I'll talk about Greece, Athens and Atlantis in due time, first, credit where credit is due, the amazing ivn has appropriately put his Mind's Eye to the task, et voila, c'est moi avant papier:

At last, I reveal myself. Kind of.

ivn, unabashed applause from my side. It's awesome - this shall be me profile pic!

Next up, posts from my adventures in Edinburgh. Promise. If my boss doesn't make me promise other things.


mangokiss said...

What a subject-line to put, it's like telling me classes are cancelled tomorrow.
Anyway, still awaiting for your stripped self.LOL.

junkie said...

LOL so twisted, mangs!

Serena said...

Lol! I've linked you. :D Please, please, please tell me who you are. I'm sure I definitely know you since you know me by 'Siang'. A clue maybe?

Seizhin said...

Wahaha, you're not even getting out of the bin yet.
Watching these sketch somehow reminded me that I need to sketch for my friend's birthday on Sunday >.<