Monday, July 7, 2008

Running junkie ragged

I've been uber busy with work last week, and the last weekend consisted of

  1. catching up with sleep
  2. working some more
  3. studying for a qualification I was stupid enough to keenly sign myself up for
So yeah. Not particularly happy with the state of life, wanting a convenient door to escape my busy-ness.

Door to relieve all your troubles - spotted one day on the way home from work (about 3 storeys up)

Anyways, I know I promised you my Greece pictures, but there's been a bit of a hiccup transferring the pictures from camera to computer, so pictures have been delayed. Meanwhile I thought I'd dump pictures from my mobile phone instead.

Very politically incorrect toilet door signs
When dining in London recently, I went to the toilet, and looking for the right one, I was pleasantly amused.

As you all know, toilet door signs only serve two purposes:
  1. It lets you know a toilet is behind this door
  2. It lets you know men or women or both can use this toilet
And while these toilet door signs accomplish both objectives, I must say they do it in quite an unorthodox manner.

'Gentlemen' is a term used loosely here

The sign for the 'Gentlemen' toilet. An astute illustration of the 'gentleman' at work. Note the proud thrust forward of his hips to emphasise his activity, and the subtle tilt of his head downwards, pensively regarding his area of interest. This clearly took inspiration from classical sculptures.

I could never understand why ancient artisans wanted to sculpt this. Anyone can tell me?

Of course, this raises the next immediate question - so how did they illustrate the 'Ladies'?

Not in a dignified manner, that's for sure.

Not all that ladylike, as presently pictured

Wah, a bit obscene can? An accurate if particularly undignified illustration of who should be using the toilet. Just in case some were confused as to what should ladies do in there.

After that particular horror...

Sneak preview to Greece
I found two Greece pictures in my mobile, which were panoramas which turned out quite well. Voila:

A view from more or less my front door of my hotel room

Greece accommodation is so expensive, more so Santorini, but the views are amazing. And serene.

Perissa Beach, my favourite beach in Santorini

Afternoons in Greece are as hot as Malaysia, i.e. you better find a place to hide about 2-5pm every day. Ang mohs don't seem to understand this, they flock to the beach everyday to plop their asses under the beach umbrellas and proceed to lobster-ise themselves. I don't know how they stand the pain from the heat.

And with that, I'm sorry to say that I've run out of Greece pics for the moment. Stay tuned for more, I promise loads of cool pix! :)

Off to more kerja,

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