Friday, July 4, 2008

Why Google Adsense will never work for me

[Mini update1: Now it keeps insisting readers check into drug rehab!]
[Mini update2: More craziness added.]

Google AdSense is an awesome idea.

The basic idea is simple: a bot (probably similar to the one that helps Google users search online) trawls a AdSense advertiser's website, and thinks what would viewers to the website would most probably want to buy/see adverts of.

Thus, if you were in a gadget review site, you'd get links to buy the latest gadgets. Similarly, if you were in a fashion blog, you'd get links to Prada, Gucci, Vogue, etc.

But I found out today that AdSense may not suit me. Here's what my friendly neighbourhood Google Bot suggests to be featured by the ad in my sidebar as of the moment (it's probably still there): - too sophisticated for Google to comprehend

Damien Hirst - I have no clue why I would be related to him.
Amsterdam Coffee Shop - That one's from my Amsterdam trip post, probably.
Dogs Diarrhea - Lol. That's probably from the Dogs post.
Dog Tired - I dunno. What randomity is this.
Feel Tired - Roflage!!!

Somehow I don't think readers would want to buy liquid dog crap.

[Update:] The Google AdSense bot has now reached new levels of insane advertising, taking a rather violent twist. Regardez vous:

Dogs vomiting blood? Puppy diarrhea lol.

This is probably a vicious circle.


Stan said...


classic shit.

junkie said...

reflects the sterling quality of my posts...

mangokiss said...

Urgh...Junks...this is so sick!
I want to see the gorgeous Greece pics!

Norrdec said...

Adsense wants to give me free dogs and puppies!

junkie said...

I've got 'Dog Eat Poop' now...