Saturday, May 24, 2008

Junkie Munkie

More ambigrams

Here's a logo I designed over the week - drawn in hand and then scanned using a lousy-ass scanner, therefore the resolution of the words aren't so good.

To see what's cool about this logo you'd have to view it upside down. Here, let me help.


Hanis Zalikha said...

awh its so cool!

Anonymous said...

i deserve credit for awarding you this titleeeeee! you better thank me or i'll sue you for infringing copyright lawwwwws!

but i never did claim copyright over this title pun.

dont care, thank meeeeeeee.

junkie said...

lol thanks joycie boycie!!! Yes la i acknowledge you as the originator ok?

Haniss!!! loool tell me what you're up to!!


abszynth said...

Thats awesome! Its like an anagram...but drawn like an ambigram..or does this artform have a name of its own? I think its genius! U must teach me how oh master!

junkie said...

I think it's an ambigram....I have no idea.

Checked on wiki, it's called a 'symbiotogram', which sounds way cooler than regular 'ambigram'.