Sunday, May 4, 2008

What do you think happened? (Part 2)

Continuing the PastyFace story, here is the account of what actually happened that night between PastyFace and HotGirl.

One additional feature of Shithoused-Drunk PastyFace is that he becomes imbued with a false sense of bravado. PastyFace, in his state of total inebriety, decided to seek HotGirl out. He trudged to HotGirl's dorm, beer-soaked clothes and all, and upon encountering HotGirl in her room, decided to forgo the niceties and traditional mating rituals, and came right on to her. HotGirl did what any normal girl would do when faced with a filthy, alchohol-soaked drunktard - she freaked out and ran out.

Having failed this particular mission and still randy, PastyFace decided to take care of things by himself, and promptly got undressed. Meanwhile HotGirl has gone past her freaking-out stage and is now outside her room observing PastyFace with a band of her mates with a kind of frank freak-accident-onlooker curiousity.

So it came to pass, ladies and gentlemen, that PastyFace attempted to drunkenly pleasure himself in front of a group of giggling college girls...and FAILED. According to HotGirl's story later on, he gave it a pretty good try, but things weren't working out between him and him in the end. Perhaps he was too tired. Or had a headache. In any case he pretty much gave up and fell asleep on her bed with everything still hanging out.

HotGirl spent the night in another girl's room. Obviously.

I'm not sure what that incident did to change HotGirl's perception of PastyFace, but I'm sure now he's a story making its rounds around the local rumour mill, and instead of being greeted with a wave and a smile when he sees HotGirl, he now sees giggling and whispering with mates...for the wrong reasons.

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