Friday, May 9, 2008

Sex and the City, in the City

[update: my post-premiere report is up here]

[update: I found a great live feed of Leicester Square, you can see it has it happens here! Premiere is happening at 1800-1830 London time, 0100-0130 Malaysian time]

Dear all, I'm finally getting off my famous celeb-spot-hating ass off my couch this May 12th.

After frequenting Leicester Square for so long, I'm finally doing it. I'm going to try to be one of them dumb-ass screamers at the fences at a movie premiere.

For this movie.

Sex and the City - the Movie! Yes, it's premiering in London on May 12, and the Fab Four are confirmed as coming! Chris Noth and Jennifer Hudson are not, and I'm not sure if Madga or Jared Smith are coming, but I'm sure going to find out.

Now even if you wanna be one of the people seeing people going in to watch the premiere (how sad does that sound), you have to have a plan. Because the crowds are humongous.

Even for Stormbreaker, which I haven't seen and unfairly think it's a crap movie, has crowds many-deep. I need to be there early. Which means more effort.

Shit I'd better get a good view and go away satisfied from this or else I swear I'm never going to any more of these again.

The first trailer, IMHO, is good.

It doesn't reveal much, just shows what you're in for, etc. Obviously this is a privilege SATC has because most viewers already know the story and need no introduction. But I always maintain that trailers should not feature much footage from the movie - the best trailer would be a skit that is not included in the movie, just like the good old old old days. Worst trailer in the world is the American remake of The Italian Job:

I've never seen a trailer that reveals the plot so well - all twists, key lines, who dies, who wins, who loses. Not in general, IN EVERY SCENE. The trailer should be called 'The Italian Job in 3 Minutes If You Can't Be Arsed to Watch the Movie'.

OMG I just watched the extended, slight spoilers trailer which ruined some things for me but made me wanna watch it more. If you don't want any spoilers at all just skip this part...


Things I picked up:

1. Big's name is John James Preston, haha what kind of prissy-ass name is that.
2. Carrie is going to be married to Big, but troubles ensue (kind of a lame story, but SATC is never about story...)
3. Steve, from the sounds of it, cheats on Miranda...
4. Charlotte is pregnant!
5. Samantha doesn't change. LOL which is good.


So anyways, am going to try and see the Fab Four, then DEFINITELY going to see the movie. Will post pix!


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