Monday, May 12, 2008

Sex and the City: the Movie - world premiere in London

Following on from my previous SATC post, here is the summary of my adventure in Leicester Square's Odeon Cinema today....

I was occasionally looking at the live feed on Leicester Square to check on this, when at about 12pm I noticed a rather large group already formed in front of Odeon, so I decided to set out.

There was already a respectable queue at the cinema. I managed to be in the '4th row' upon arrival, which was a pathetic showing relative to my expectations considering the time of the day I arrived. But some of them had already arrived since 8am.

These people come with deck-chairs and picnics and supplies ok. Professional. I looked around to get a rough demographic of the crowd - 95% bimbo girls, 4% gay guys, 100% insane.

My spot, however, was perfect - directly in front of the main entrance. Although there were at least 3 people in front of me. I slowly tried to move to the front, and managed to get to 3rd row, but that was the best I could do. These girls are adamant.

Then journalists came to ask us some blah questions, who's your favourite character, are you a shopaholic, what items do you like the most, what designer...

Don't you think this cameraman looks a bit like David Beckham?

Apparently this hostess is in 'Balls of Steel', I've yet to verify that. I love that show!

Jane McDonald from Loose Women. If you're going WTF, don't worry, I didn't know her either.

A print journalist then came asking some of the front row questions. I sneaked a peek at the notepad of the journalist and I was like !!!!!!! Look at her writing - it's all unrecognizable squiggly code. It looks like some Arabic text to be honest.

And bam, out of nowhere, some bikini girls started handing out leaflets for tanning salons. They were told off pretty quickly and left, but they got all the construction dudes setting the place up excited for the first time - they even started snapping pictures, haha.

And then Gok Wan (from How to Look Good Naked) came on! The crowd went fairly berserk at this point, and loads of them screamed for Gok to come over. But Gok was there to interview the Fab Four, so he didn't mingle with fans. At one point one crazy fan went "GOK! COME HERE NOW!" and he went "I'm workinggggg" like Gok only can.

The crowd grew bigger.

Some were tired but didn't want to move from their place, and so chose to sit down. I was gonna try that at some point but suddenly realised a fatal weakness in that strategy - you are ass level to everyone else. Like this.

Fart much?

All thingamajiggies were pretty much set up by 5.30ish.

At this point there was some crazy screaming going on at the far end, and the whispers began - Sarah Jessica Parker has arrived! The screaming was phenomenal - you could easily deduce where she was even if you couldn't see her, as the screaming just followed her. Can you see her in the distance in the green dress and hat?

I could also see Kim Catrall in the distance - in a red dress.

We were all craning our heads to get a better look, and then the Sugababes came over to our place.

Are they the Sugababes? I have no clue. Hahahahahaha.

And Vivienne Westwood as well - she signed a few autographs but didn't really mingle that much. She didn't look all that well to be honest.

Then the SATC stars started coming our way!!! Yay, cue the theme song!!!!

We were still focusing on SJP and Kim when Mario Cantone (Anthony, Charlotte's gay best friend) appeared pretty much right in front of us.

I forgot his real name so I just yelled 'ANTHONEEEEEEEH!!!' and he signed my book.

And damn if he didn't take up pretty much the whole page.

He must be thinking 'Nyahahaha, you girls can hog the spotlight, but I'll be damned if I don't hog ALL the good spots in the autograph spaces!!' Eeeesh.

And then OMG Cynthia Nixon was upon us, in a floor-length, low-cut pleated black Calvin Klein dress. And reportedly £200,000 worth of jewels. I certainly didn't notice that many things dripping off her neck/wrists.

There was just a host of CYNTHIA, CYNTHIA, CYNTHIA all the time she was near us. She was very polite and nice, but didn't come near my place, so I failed to get her autograph... Gok then whisked her away for an interview.

Then the almighty Kim Cattrall came over for a bit, wearing a red off-the-shoulder knee-length dress with a faint stripe by Vivienne Westwood.

This time the crowd went fairly insane. The girl in front of me went totally bimbo-mode - she'd look at her friend and go 'OMG it's Kim!' and they'd both scream at each other. Awesome, never seen hyper-bimbs before. Kim didn't get to our place as well though, but she went 'I'll be right back, okay?' and a honest-to-God Samantha wink. OMG I didn't know she talked like that in real life too.

And then she came back later and signed my book. Cue picture of her signing my book:

But my damn pen ran out of ink halfway through her signature so I have a half inked, half scratched autograph by Kim Catrall. Limited edition ok.

And then Kristin Davis, the cutest of the lot in a cherry-red vintage sleeveless dress and cream peep-toe heels, came over.

She was bubbly just like Charlotte - when we saw her we screamed, and she did her Charlotte-big-eyes thing and went 'AAAAAAA!!' back as well. I got her autograph right away!

Sarah Jessica Parker then was on the scene, wearing a pale green Alexander McQueen frock, with bag and stilettos, and a peacock feather Philip Treacy hat (which has attracted some controversy, but for the record I loved it immediately - it looks good on her), but she was quite surrounded by cameramen and photographers, so didn't really get to talk to her at first - she hung around agonisingly long before coming at us!

The girls then held hands and walked as a group to be photographed by the worlds photographers. Be flashed with the light of a million flashbulbs.

At this point they broke up and signed more autographs, but they were already starting to go in. SJP was the last, waving goodbye and motioning 'I haaaave to go in....', before disappearing and posing in front of more photographers.

Tally of the day:
1 back, fairly sore, hurts to cough
2 damn tired legs
2 aching feet, 6 hours standing, of which 1 hours tiptoeing
1 fairly nice bag, trampled somewhat
1 camera battery, from full to flat
1 throat, severely hoarse and parched
1 head, aching
1 set of hair, full of tree seed type things that only came out after washing a lot

Coups of the day:
4 autographs, sans Cynthia Nixon
Numerous photos, of which most you just saw
Viewing the Fab Four in person
Didn't get to see Chris Noth (Mr Big), Madga, Jerry Lewis (Smith Jerrod) et al, but oh well. Lucky people in New York
But got to see lots of other random celebrities, highlights Gok Wan, Vivienne Westwood, Sugababes, Cheryl Cole (I think) and Nelly (I think)
And knowledge of the fact that I was behind them when they took this eternal picture:

More pictures will come as my friends send me theirs!!!!

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